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Lovely shot!
You captured peacefully moment.


Impacting photo.i agree with the Rock comment. "There have been photographers who have changed the world" I like this great moment.


hahahaha some sick lunatic is so angry on here Let go maan! Tumahimik ka na lang Para ka namang gagong-hilo! IDIOT! GoodBye!


For you: (I wouldn't call you by any name, as so far you've used three already)
Why do you have to hide under different names to depend yourself? It's an old TROLL trick and everyone knows that. How surprising that Tamaraws and BarbyGirl'06 have never been here before and now they are on your side. What's more surprising is now you are praising Sidney's work. You even managed to say "Sidney you Rock!", after saying he's maYABANG.

I regret that I didn't follow the first rule of dealing with trolls, which is to IGNORE them. So I would like to say that this would be my last post on this non-sense. I know you would come back, as all trolls do (as they feed on the reactions to their posts). But please do bear in mind that you don't have to hide under another name. All of us here know that there would be no more posters in this entry, except spammers and our ugly little TROLL. Give our community a break, okay? We don't need someone like you here, so please don't come back. Spend your time somewhere else, like watching Boy Abunda at TFC on your huge plasma TV, and feed your brain with more gossips, coz that's where you're probably good.

Oh, and you're also welcome to leave some trash messages on my blog. That way, I could trace your IP address, and do some necessary actions ;)

Sidney, I apologize for the rubbish messages on your blog.


i agree with the Tamaraws comments.What YabangLady was trying to say is as impacting to all of us and just as mind opening and strong like Sidney's Photos on this site of his about the plight of the homeless individuals of this country.i guess once in awhile it pays well to be able to read educatedly. and please let us all get a grip for the sake of civility and respect towards each other. Merry Christmas Everyone.


This message is to REN regarding your equally stupid moronic reaction to YABANG you are sounding as idiotic like your own rantings and accusations about her You didnt even understand what she is trying to say, idiot! What she is doing is snapping up and waking you all up to your selfish senses to give to the poor you moron!!! Now look and read SIDNEY's reaction to Her. Sidney obviously makes a whole lot better sense than you could ever muster in your little peasized brain! You have a mind of a Fleabite...Btw Sidney you Rock! Thank God for little wonders like you so just Keep it up and God bless you more and mucho gracias Happy Holidays To One And All!


very strong image...
very emotional...
and thought provoking...
as we cann see from the comments u recieved...



To AngYabangMoche!:
With the way you sounded, though it's so loud, one could easily presume that you are a Filipino (Filipina to be exact) who is now living abroad. But what are you so angry about? Are you embarassed that the photos shown in this great photoblog are of our fellow Filipinos? How come everyone else could understand Sidney's purpose and you can't? And why is your rant so typical of a sixth grader who knows nothing about the world yet?

I know you would come back to see how people would react to your rant, and how many would second your opinion. Guess what? No one is with your side, and your pathetic view! I am more ashame of you than our poor "kababayans" that are shown in here.

Sidney, keep it up! We need someone like you to wake up not only our government, and the organizations that have the capacity to help, but also individuals like us, who have managed to survive the sharp claws of poverty. If in the future you decide to do a project that would be able to help this people that you are photographing(I know you have managed to talk and be friends with them), please let everyone here know, and I'm sure a lot of your visitors would try to help, specially proud Filipinos like us. Take care!


Such a powerful picture . . . I hope the child will be okay. The mother must be so exhausted. :-(


Another moving image. She looks completely unconscious. It makes me wonder if she is exhausted from being overworked in a factory or if it is from drugs. There are all these spots on her arms and legs.


sometimes it makes me angry when the adults seem not to care and go with their business. there's hunger and poverty in the eyes of the child, and sleep is not answer.


Contemporary image of Madona and child.

hmm .. je n'ai jamais pensé cela. c'est un assez interessant metaphor.


in socialized states. its not uncommon for healthy able bodied people to depend on the government. encouraged to be content on leeching on the people who do work and contribute to the state. its naive to think that poor people are poor because theyre lazy .. but looking at this picture, and looking at how are things are in the real world. je demande l'univers ..


Ow...his mom is so tired in the pic.


great people life style shot...very unique shot...the boy is so innocent mixed with a feel of sad:-)


These latest photos have a strong storytelling theme. The little boy's stare is intense contrasting to his mother being asleep. The grit of environment is captured along with a very human element drawing the viewer in.


As a working parent with a large family I cannot but help to be moved by this picture; a symbol for hardship and struggle for survival amongst ordinary folk.


...and Christmas is coming. *sigh*


So much sadness and grief in our world. The huge disparity between the haves and the have nots is intensely painful. Such a huge percentage of our world's population lives in abject and deplorable poverty. Keep going strong Sidney. Your work might someday make a difference. There have been photographers who have changed the world. Lewis W. Hine's comes immediately to my mind and how his photographs of young children working in our factories helped to force the US Congress to create child labor laws.


The child eyes are very expressive. He's asking for any thing!?


Great shot, the way the mother is sleeping and the kid is looking up at you. Couldn't help noticing that the legs and arms of the mother seem to be bruised intensely. Poor thing.


This is really excellent, Sidney. Very poignant, and heartfelt. Fantastic.


Such an expression on the little one's face...


Gorgeous emotionnal portrait.


These pictures hold solid truth.. some may chose to look and then look away.. then there are those that look and see that we do not all live in a fairytale. The truth saddens us that there are people that are less fortunate than others.. Great series of portraits.. and I know that there are indeed people out there that go above and beyond their call of duty everyday to help those in need. Sadly enough we cannot save everyone at once but we sure are trying our damn hardest! Talk soon!

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